3 Things To Know About Vinyl Siding

Posted on: 8 April 2021

If your home needs a fresh new look, consider getting new siding. Vinyl siding is a good choice, especially if you need to watch your money. Vinyl is one of the most affordable siding options, yet it is durable and attractive. Here are three things to know about vinyl siding.

1. Vinyl Siding Can Be Applied Over Old Siding

If you have an old home with wood siding, the old siding may not need to come off. The contractor checks the siding carefully to make sure there is no water damage or other problems, and if the siding is in good shape, the new vinyl siding can be applied over it.

However, you can always remove the old siding first, and then the contractor might install rigid foam board insulation to give the siding a surface to attach to and to add insulation. Some vinyl panels even have insulation added to the back, so your contractor might recommend those if your home needs the extra insulation.

2. The Vinyl Color Lasts A Long Time

When the siding is made, color is added to the vinyl as part of the manufacturing process. This gives the siding panels a uniform color throughout the panels so scratches don't show as easily. The vinyl is also treated to resist damage from UV rays. This slows down the fading process. Sun is hard on nearly all building materials, and the siding may fade slowly over the years, but the process is slow so it isn't too noticeable.

Fading resistance is a result of improved manufacturing aimed at eliminating the problem of fading that was common with original vinyl siding. Old vinyl siding also had problems with holding heat if the siding was painted or too dark. Today's vinyl siding comes in dark colors, and the problem with warping caused by heat exposure has been overcome. You'll be able to choose from a wide range of colors for your siding, and you'll never have to paint it.

3. Vinyl Is Easy To Care For

Another advantage of vinyl siding besides its more affordable cost is the low maintenance requirement. The panels don't peel, so you don't have to scrape old paint or put new paint on every few years. You can wash the panels with a hose and soapy water to get rid of dust and dirt. You don't even need to use a power washer.

Since vinyl is durable, it doesn't need many repairs. However, accidents can happen, and if some panels are damaged, they can be replaced more easily than other types of siding. When your new siding is installed, you may want to keep the excess panels in your garage for spares in case you ever need to replace a panel that cracks or chips due to an impact during a storm.

Contact a local siding contractor to learn more about vinyl siding.


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