3 Tips For Re-Tiling An Older Family Home With Longevity In Mind

Posted on: 17 July 2019

Replacing the tile flooring in an older home can be a big decision due to just how long you've had the current tile and your desire to make sure that the new tile will match. Instead of rushing into getting just any new tile flooring installed, it's smart to pay attention to what you can do to make sure that it fits right in and will be a good fit in the years to come.

Keep the following tips in mind when you're getting ready to choose new tile flooring that you want to make sure will be a great match.

Prioritize Ease of Cleaning

One of the first things that you should look for when comparing different types of tile is exactly which tile is going to be the easiest to clean. With a family home, it's likely that a lot of mess will build up over time from any children and pets that you have. You likely also have friends and family visiting often, making it even more difficult to manage and keep your home clean.

Looking for tile that's a darker shade and doesn't have grout that's difficult to clean can be a smart decision for extending how much time you spend in between cleaning the tile and any deep cleaning required.

Avoid Delicate Tile

With how much traffic your home gets, some tile can be far too sensitive to keep in good condition. Since some tile can scratch easily or even be damaged due to things being dropped on it, it's important for you to prioritize tile that's not going to be too delicate.

Looking for more durable tile and requesting options that can withstand a lot of wear and tear can help you feel good about what kind of shape the tile is in over the years.

Keep the Tile Neutral

As you get ready to choose new tile flooring, it's smart to look for more neutral styles that will fit a variety of decorating styles. With how expensive and long the process of having tile flooring installed is, you need to make sure that any new decorations or painting done in your home can fit in with the tile that you choose to have installed.

Taking your time with picking out new tile flooring can make an enormous difference in what kind of condition your home is in later and ensure that your tile flooring will continue to be a feature you enjoy later. Contact a company like Thayer Decorating Center in order to learn more about flooring installation services near you.


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