The Pros And Cons Of Exterior Waterproofing

Posted on: 13 March 2019

If you've found that your basement keeps flooding, there's a solution: exterior waterproofing. Exterior waterproofing is exactly what it sounds like. It seeks to protect your basement from flooding by installing waterproofing around the outside of your property. There are both pros and cons to this solution, and it should generally be done if your other options have failed.

The Pros of Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing is highly effective, especially if all other waterproofing methods have already been attempted. Rather than trying to block water once it's gotten into your property (or pump it out), exterior waterproofing adds a layer of waterproofed material to the outside of your property. This means that your basement walls are also protected from water damage (and therefore structural damage). 

Many people struggle with recurring flooding issues, especially if they are in a rainy area or if the water table is high where they are. Since exterior waterproofing can help in situations where nothing else can, it's an important potential option.

The Cons of Exterior Waterproofing

It is true that exterior waterproofing can be both expensive and disruptive. Exterior waterproofing requires that the dirt around the foundation be removed so that the exterior walls can be manually waterproofed. But while it can be expensive, this may not be as expensive as continual damage to the basement itself (or the structural issues in the rest of the home that could arise from this damage). 

Since exterior waterproofing requires that dirt be dug up around the house, it will also rip apart any landscaping around the property. If you haven't planted anything in that area, it won't be a big issue; if you have long-time plants or trees, you may need to relocate them temporarily.

Should You Choose Exterior Waterproofing?

Despite the downsides, exterior waterproofing is an absolutely effective solution. If you are experiencing recurring issues, this process can eliminate them once and for all. Recurring flooding issues can lead not only to structural damage but also potentially dangerous issues such as mold spores. An expert in waterproofing and water abatement can tell you more about whether your home is a good candidate for exterior waterproofing. 

Though there are some issues with it, an exterior waterproofing can solve your basement's flooding issues once and for all. For serious flooding problems, there's often no other solution. You can get a quote for the waterproofing process and make your decision from there.


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