Protect Your Gas Fire Pit From Rain Damage

Posted on: 27 January 2019

Family and friends will be eager to visit your home when you add a fire pit to your backyard. A gas-powered fire pit allows you to enjoy a roaring fire- without the effort required to build a wood fire.

Despite the fact that a gas fireplace is easy to care for, there are some elements that could cause irreparable damage. Rain is one of these elements. Protecting your fire pit from rain damage will extend the life of your outdoor feature.

Select the Right Burner

The flame in a gas fire pit is produced by gas running through a special burner. These burners come in many different styles. To protect your burner against rain damage, you need a specialized burner. Look for a burner with a raised central hub.

Having the hub raised above the tubes of your burner prevents rainwater that might infiltrate the tubes. Any small amount of moisture that does manage to leak into the tubes will be evaporated as soon as you light the burner to start a fire.

Ensure Proper Drainage

A burner that is designed to withstand water infiltration is a good start when it comes to protecting your fire pit against rain damage, but it shouldn't be the only preventative measure you employ. You also need to ensure that your fire pit has proper drainage.

This can be accomplished by drilling weep holes in the bottom of the fire pit. The weep holes will allow water to drain out the bottom of the main fire cavity. You can pair weep holes with a drain that will move water safely away from the base of your fire pit.

Invest in a Quality Cover

One of the easiest things that you can do to protect your fire pit against water damage is invest in a quality cover. Whenever the fire pit is not being used to entertain family and friends, you should keep it covered.

A quality cover will fit snugly over the main fire chamber and prevent any water from entering the fire pit when it rains. Eliminating the potential for water exposure can ensure that your fire feature doesn't fall prey to water damage in the future.

Proper care and maintenance for your fire pit will help extend the life of your backyard fire feature. The best thing you can do to extend the life of your fire pit is to take the time to prevent rainwater damage.


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