Sewer Line Issues In Your Older Home? What Homeowners Should Know

Posted on: 22 September 2018

Sewer line issues are a common problem with owners of older homes. For many, the issues begin as minor annoyances, such as having to flush the toilet more than once to clear the bowl or having a bathtub drain more slowly than it should. Since many homeowners fail to recognize these early warning signs of a  sewer line problem, it can continue to grow and worsen until a plumbing crisis develops and an emergency repair is required. Homeowners who are noticing potential signs of trouble with their home's sewer lines can use the following information to address the issues before the problem becomes a full-blown crisis. 

Why are older homes more susceptible to sewer line issues? 

Older homes have far more sewer line issues than newer ones for several reasons, including: 

  • the age and composition of the sewer line - older sewer lines are commonly made of cast iron or clay, which have far less life expectancy than the PVC pipe commonly used in today's sewer construction 
  • above-ground changes that affect sewer line health - usage of the land directly above the existing sewer pipe can cause problems, especially if the area is used for parking, placement of a heavy object, such as a swimming pool or concrete pad, or it receives significant amounts of traffic from people or large livestock
  • maturation of landscaping in the area - trees and bushes can become a threat to a sewer line as they mature and their roots impact the pipe or invade cracks and joints in the sewer line

When sewer line issues develop in an older home, most are a combination of the above factors, which can make diagnosing the problem more difficult. 

What can be done to diagnose and repair sewer line issues before the problem becomes serious? 

Addressing sewer line issues once meant digging up the existing sewer pipe so that it could be examined, which meant creating an unsightly mess that would require months of landscaping, reseeding, and leveling to address. Now, however, it is possible for homeowners to determine the condition of their sewer lines and spot repair issues without digging up the lines. 

This is done through the use of a special waterproof, flexible video camera system that can be inserted into the sewer lines. The camera feeds images to an above ground monitor, allowing the technician to look carefully at the interior walls of the sewer line and determine if any clogs, cracks, breaks, or other potential issues exist. To learn more about having your older home's sewer lines inspected in this non-invasive manner, homeowners can contact a reputable plumbing or drain cleaning professional, like Rapid Rooter Inc.


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