Remodeling To Make A Bathroom Senior-Friendly? 3 Features To Prioritize

Posted on: 7 August 2018

Making bathroom remodeling improvements has a lot to do with considering who will be using the bathroom the most often. If you're designing the bathroom remodel with a senior in mind, there are a number of specific features that can be great to include.

Instead of designing the bathroom with just your current needs in mind, consider some of the following tips so that the bathroom is as suitable as possible for someone to use as they get older.

1. Non-Slip Bathtub or Shower

Making the shower or bathtub safer to use has a lot to do with making sure that slipping won't be an issue. Stepping into the shower to bathe every day can be dangerous for somebody that has limited mobility, making it important for the flooring in the shower bathtub to have a grip surface. What this will do is provide some extra traction that can make it much safer to get in and out without any problem.

Making sure that any step into the bathtub is shorter is also a smart idea since climbing into the bathtub can be dangerous for some people that have limited mobility.

2. Safety Bars for Added Support

Having support bars installed in the bathroom can go a long way towards providing an extra layer of safety when getting in and out of the shower every day. Having safety bars installed can allow you to have something to hold onto with moving around in the bathroom. This is so important since it will help prevent any dangerous falls and can ensure that it's much easier to move around the bathroom without danger.

3. Tucked Away Storage Space

As you get older, it's likely that you have medications and more toiletries you'll need in the bathroom. With this in mind, you should make sure that the bathroom has as much storage space as possible. A large medicine cabinet and cabinetry underneath the sink can provide ample storage that will make it much easier to keep all of your things organized in the bathroom.

Remodeling the bathroom so that it will be suitable when you're older can take some time since you want to be careful in choosing projects that will be functional. With the priority for making the bathroom safer, the above tips can help a lot in giving you a bathroom that will be a good fit for you, regardless of how old you are.


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