Three Questions Concerning Mudjacking

Posted on: 27 November 2017

Finding that you need to have repair work done to your concrete can be a stressful discovery to make. This is especially true when individuals are ill-informed concerning the various repair options that they can utilize. In particular, mudjacking can be an effective solution for a variety of concrete problems, but this type of repair is often overlooked by those that could benefit from it.

What Is The Purpose Of Mudjacking?

Over time, it can be possible for the soil under a large concrete slab to become compromised. Once this occurs, the concrete may start to sink into the soil. Unfortunately, this can be very damaging to the structure on top of the concrete, and it can also be very damaging to the concrete. When this sinking is not uniform, the concrete may be prone to developing cracks and splits. During the mudjacking process, a material is injected into the soil below the slab of concrete. As this is done, the concrete will gradually be lifted and stabilized. While it may seem like the process of mudjacking will be extremely slow, it is often possible for this entire process to be completed within a single afternoon, but the exact time requirements will vary depending on the size of the concrete slab that is needing to be raised.

Will Mudjacking Be A Permanent Solution?

There is a concern among some individuals that the mudjacking process will not be a permanent solution for their concrete problems. In particular, these individuals may assume that the concrete will immediately start to sink back into the ground. Depending on the condition of the soil, it may be necessary for the technician to take proactive steps to avoid this. More precisely, these individuals may need to install support rods that will distribute the weight of the concrete more evenly so that soil problems will be less likely to lead to problems in the future.

Are There Limits To What Can Be Mudjacked?

Unfortunately, there are limits to the issues that can be corrected with mudjacking. For example, if the concrete has suffered extensive structural damage, this may not be a suitable repair option because the concrete may be unable to support the strain of the lifting process. In these situations, replacing the concrete may be the better option. To help their clients make the right decisions for their needs, mudjacking contractors can perform a structural integrity test of the concrete to verify that it is strong enough to go through the mudjacking process.

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