Worried About Your Badly Overgrown Yard? What To Do

Posted on: 31 August 2017

If your yard has gone a bit out of control with overgrown greenery and bug problems, don't worry. It's never too late to start making changes. Overgrown landscaping can cause a lot of problems and damage to the house and property, so you have to take care of these things right away. However, there are some things to take into consideration before you begin.Here are some jobs that you shouldn't attempt on your own and are often best left to the professionals.

Tree Pruning and Removal

If the trees look really overgrown and you aren't sure if they are in great condition, call the experts. You'll want to contact a tree trimming service to do the following:

  • Check trees for diseases
  • Remove dead or rotting trees
  • Trim all branches

The professionals should be able to tell if some trees need treatment because of diseases and if they have any dead branches or areas. Dead trees can be a safety hazard for your home and the property around you. Also, the tree professionals will remove all the debris and clean up the mess.

Pesticide Application

If you fear that mosquitoes, rodents, spiders, and other pests will be a problem with so much brush and moisture around the house, you'll want to have the property treated for pests. Let the experts come in and treat the yard, along with areas around the house that are targeted by pests. This way you don't end up with pest problems when you clear out the brush.

Heavy Brush Mowing and Removal

If you have an accumulation of heavy brush and tall grass that you can't cut with a traditional push or riding mower, you need a company that has commercial equipment. Trying to cut everything on your own can be dangerous, and touching the weeds, grass and other greenery could put you at risk of encountering things like poison ivy or poison sumac. If you don't know what is around the yard, don't go near it.

If your property looks like the deep woods with overgrown trees, tall grass, and unidentified pests and insects, you don't want to wander into the unknown and try to do it all on your own. Instead, take the safer option and call the experts to take care of the heavy mess and major projects that need to be completed. Then, when all is clear, you can focus on the cosmetic side of the yard and enjoy a beautiful property once again.


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