Ways to Better Use Your Backyard Space

Posted on: 14 July 2017

If you have a backyard but are not using it, you might feel a little bit guilty and wonder what you could put in there to use the space. Here are some ideas.

Add a Sporting Area

If you have children, they might love a sporting area or even a playground, depending on their age. You can find swing sets and slides individually for a reasonable cost or make a swing yourself. Even more affordable than that, consider getting a soccer goal or even a baseball diamond (for young children who won't hit the ball out of the yard). Finding more ways for your kids to spend time in the backyard could be your solution to an unused backyard. 

Start a Garden

Have you ever wanted to start a garden? It can be a great way to use the space and also provide a little bit more food for your family, for free! It doesn't take too much skill to plant a garden if you choose hardy plants and get a starter kit from your local gardening facility. 

Create a Landscape

Don't have the time to maintain a garden? That's okay, you can still build something that takes less maintenance. Ask a landscaper about landscaping and hardscaping options that don't take a lot of maintenance. One option is conifers; they won't need to be watered like regular plants. Succulents are a good choice; they probably will need to be watered about once a week, although they are more tolerant than other plants to a reduced watering schedule. As far as hardscaping goes, the sky is practically the limit with stonework. Ponds will require a little bit of cleaning and refilling of water levels, but nothing too heavy. 

Create an Extension of Your Indoor Space

If you aren't exactly keen about getting down in the grass, you could use your outdoor space in a way that's a little more conducive to you. One thing to think about is a deck that's fully finished with comfortable and attractive furniture. If you want to make sure you are protected from all of the elements, opt for sunroom additions. You can build the additional room right into the space of your backyard, effectively making the best use of your lot's square footage. A sunroom addition can have screen windows and other features that allow more of the outdoors in, while also giving you more options for temperature and climate control. Talk to contractors at companies like Winston Brown Construction for more information. 


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