3 Signs That You Might Need An As-Built Survey During The Construction Of Your Home

Posted on: 21 February 2017

If you are like many people, you might assume that the land survey will need to be done on your property before your home is built. However, as-built surveys -- which are done during the building process -- are important in some cases as well. These are a few signs that you might need to have an as-built survey done while your home is being built.

1. It's Required by Local Building Regulations

Depending on where you are building your home and what the local regulations and codes might be, you might be required to have one or more as-built surveys done during the building process. This is because some areas want to make sure that the home is being built according to the plans that were initially approved. If anything is found to not be up to code, you could have to make adjustments.

2. You Want to Check the Progress of Your Home

An as-built survey can be very handy for checking on the progress of your home while it's being built. Your contractor might want to have an as-built survey done to make sure that the project is coming along as it's supposed to be and to determine if the project is on schedule as it is supposed to be. Even though this will generally be something that your general contractor will deal with when necessary, if you are personally curious about the status of your project, you can suggest the idea of having an as-built survey done to your contractor.

3. You Want to Make Changes to Your Original Plan

As your home has been being built, you might have had a change of heart about certain things. You might have decided that you want to do something differently or that you want to add something to your home, for example. If this happens during the construction process, special planning may have to be done, and you may have to have additional approvals by an inspector. Having an as-built survey can be a good starting point for making plans for changes that you might want to make after construction has already started

As you can see, there are various scenarios in which you may need to have an as-built land survey done during the construction process while your new home is being built. Luckily, a good land surveyor like Bush Roed & Hitchings Inc should be able to tackle this job for you.


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