Have Cracked Concrete? Know How You Can Repair It

Posted on: 6 January 2017

If your home has a concrete patio, driveway, or walkway, chances are that it will become cracked at some point. Cracks are quite a common problem with concrete, and thankfully, they can be repaired. Here are some tips for how to fix cracks in your home's concrete.

Large-Crack Repair Tips

It may seem odd, but you will need to widen a large crack in order to repair it. This is because it's important that all sides of a concrete crack are not jagged but instead are straight. This actually helps the crack become more stable after it is repaired. Start by chipping away at those jagged sides of the crack until they are as straight as possible.

After widening the crack, you should clean out any debris inside it using a brush. This step helps ensure the sealant will be stable and creates a clean appearance once the crack repair is finished. Mix the concrete that will be used for filling the crack and pour it inside. You'll want the concrete to be level with the surrounding concrete, so it helps if you smooth out the concrete out with a flat piece of wood.

Once the concrete has dried, it will be time to seal the surface. This prevents the concrete from chipping and can make the surface uneven with the surrounding concrete. It will also prevent staining from occurring. Sealant can be purchased from a local home-improvement store, and the directions provided on the package are easy to follow.

Small-Crack Repair Tips

Fixing a small crack will be easier than fixing a large crack. Start by cleaning out the concrete crack using your brush, and then clean out the debris using your garden hose and regular water. With the crack clean, you can apply a crack filling material inside it using your caulking gun.

Once the filling material has dried, it will be ready to walk or drive over once again. There is no need to use a sealant for small cracks due to their size. The crack will be small as it is, and the purpose of the crack filler is to prevent it from getting bigger.

When you have a lot of cracks in your cement outside of your house, you may be better off leaving this job to a professional. Have a local concrete contractor such as Unit Step Company come to your home and fix all of the cracks at once. This the best way to ensure the job is done correctly.


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