How To Add Molding To Recessed Windows

Posted on: 7 November 2016

If you want to add some style and flair to your recessed windows, you should definitely consider installing a molding along the frame. Basically, by installing molding around a recessed window, you make it it look like a picture frame. This adds a lot of style to your walls and can also make your interior look more cohesive, especially if you use molding that matches your baseboard or crown. This article explains how you can customize your recessed windows by installing decorative molding.

Choosing the Right Size Molding

You can choose any style of molding, but you do have to take special consideration if you have sales on your window. That is, you don't want your molding to be wider than the sill. So, you have to measure from the inside of the recessed window to the end of the windowsill. Then, make sure you buy a product that is narrower than this. If your windows do not have sills, you will need to install the molding on all four edges. This means there is not width restriction. Of course, you don't want to choose a product that is so wide that it dwarfs the window and makes it look odd.

Installing the Molding

Once you have your product picked out, you just need to cut it to the right shape, nail it down, paint it, and caulk the edges. A compound miter saw is the most effective tool for cutting the molding. This allows you to make angled cuts where the pieces meet at the corners. Start by making a flat cut for the piece that rest on the windowsill. Then, you just need to make the angled cuts for the two top corners of the window. You will need to make angled cuts for the bottom edges too if you don't have sills.

You definitely need a pneumatic nail gun with finish nails. These are special nails that don't have a head, so they don't leave behind a big nail hole. You can easily fill the tiny hole that is left behind with a little bit of caulk. Just spread it on with your fingers. This caulk with dry very quickly, and then you can paint the molding. The final step is to caulk the edges. This is very important because it seals the edge of the wood, but also makes it look more seamless.

This simple upgrade will make your windows look more stylish and classy.


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