3 Things To Consider When Investing In A Custom Fiberglass Pool

Posted on: 15 June 2016

Having a swimming pool on your property makes it easier for family and friends to enjoy watersports when the weather is nice. If you are thinking of investing in a custom fiberglass pool, there are some important considerations that must be kept in mind to ensure that you are satisfied with your final purchase.

Here are three things to pay attention to as you shop for a custom fiberglass pool in the future.

1. Hidden Costs

Although a fiberglass pool can be more affordable that constructing an in-ground pool from scratch, there are some costs that you might not be aware of that need to be factored into the price of your pool.

In order to install the fiberglass body of your pool below ground level, you will probably need to rent an excavator. You should also get estimates regarding the cost of electrical hookups if you plan to heat your pool, and be sure to ask your city what permits are needed before your pool installation can begin.

Keeping these hidden costs in mind as you shop for a custom fiberglass pool will help you invest in a product that will stay within your overall budget.

2. Timing

When you choose to have your pool installed you should ensure that the weather will cooperate with your plans. Taking into consideration the likelihood of rain immediately following the setting of your fiberglass pool will help you better determine the correct date to install your custom pool structure.

If you set the pool, and then a significant amount of rain falls the following day, the fiberglass structure could shift within the hole you have it set in. This shifting could cause serious problems (like cracking or wall collapse) for you down the road. Be sure that you consult the local weather forecast before scheduling your pool installation.

3. Concrete

If you plan to pour a concrete deck around your fiberglass pool, then you will want to ensure you hire a contractor with experience creating cantilever coping. Working with concrete around a custom fiberglass structure can be challenging because it requires the contractor to use special forms made of styrofoam.

Improper use of these forms can leave your pool's decking looking jagged and unsightly. Selecting a contractor with experience working around custom fiberglass pools will ensure you end up with a pool deck that you can be proud of.

Looking at the big picture when investing in a custom fiberglass pool will ensure that your finished pool is both functional and attractive. Be sure that you are considering the hidden costs associated with installation, weather conditions, and the skills of your concrete contractor as you invest in a fiberglass pool in the future.


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