What Factors To Consider When Renting Scaffolding

Posted on: 27 May 2016

If you are looking to paint a tall building, you may be looking at renting scaffolding. Scaffolding gives you a sturdy foundation on which you can stand to complete projects that are higher than a ladder would reach and/or which necessitate more stability than a ladder would give. However, there are different types of scaffolding. Knowing what factors to consider when you are looking to rent this construction item will help you find the type that is ideal for your project.

What Type of Scaffolding it Is

There are four primary types of scaffolding. They are supported, suspended, rolling and aerial lifted scaffolding. If you are renting scaffolding, it is likely you are looking at suspended, rolling or aerial lifted. Learning about each type of scaffolding will help you determine which is ideal for your project and then find a company that is renting the type of scaffolding you need.

How Quickly It Sets Up

Another factor to consider when renting scaffolding is how quickly or easily it sets up. Some scaffolding is complex. It can take hours to assemble and set-up. Other scaffolding is easy. It folds up or down, making it easy to move around and assemble as needed. If you are looking to rent scaffolding equipment, always ask how easy or difficult it is to assemble the scaffolding and if you or the rental company will assemble it.

How the Scaffolding is Accessed

Another factor to consider when renting scaffolding is how the scaffolding platforms are accessed. Some platforms are accessed with stairs, while others use ladders. If you have a preference, it is important to find out how the scaffolding platform is accessed and find a rental company that offers the option you want.

How the Scaffolding Gets to Your Location

The last factor to consider when renting scaffolding is how it gets to your location. Some rental companies will deliver it to you, while others require you to come pick it up. If you don't have the equipment to haul it away yourself, it may be worthwhile to find a company that will deliver it to you. While you may have to pay a drop-off and pick-up fee, it may be cheaper than renting a utility truck for the day.

If you have never rented scaffolding before, you may not know what factors to look for. Consider these factors to find the scaffolding that is best fit for your project. Talk with a company like All Star Equipment Rental & Sales, Inc. for more information.


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