Tracking Down Not-So-Obvious Signs Of Foundation Problems In A Home As A Buyer

Posted on: 25 April 2016

Buying a home could potentially be one of the biggest investments you ever make. Therefore, when you are in the shopping process, it will be important that you know about any flaws before you make an offer. Even though foundation problems can usually be fixed, this is definitely one problem that you will want to know about before taking on the financial responsibility of a new home. You may assume that foundation problems would be easy to finger, but that is not always the case. Here are a few not-so-obvious signs of foundation trouble every home shopper should know.

Symptom: Windows do not open and close smoothly.

Easily blamed on a bad paint job or old windows, you may never realize that sticking windows could be a sign of something much more severe. If the windows won't open and close evenly without seeming to get in a bind, it could be relative to a shifting foundation. Because window frames are designed to be level with the rest of the house, if any amount of shifting takes place, the window may not slide open or shut smoothly.

Symptom: Doors seem to refuse to latch properly.

When the frames that hold doors are installed in a newly constructed home, they are installed level with the house itself. However, if the foundation of the house starts to deteriorate, it will throw the door's level setting out of sync, which often means the latch will not meet the door jamb or the door will rub against the frame while in motion.

Symptom: The attached porch seems to be off kilter with the rest of the house.

An attached porch, whether it is on the back, side, or front of a home, should be level with the rest of the house. Even though a porch may look like it is starting to shift, bowl, or move away from the house itself, what could be moving and shifting may be the foundation and it will just make it look like there is a problem with the porch.

Symptom: There are hairline cracks in the corners of walls or above door frames.

When shifting of a home's foundation occurs, the most vulnerable points of construction will show evidence first. If you spot hairline cracks in drywall in the corners, over door frames, or even along the baseboards, this could be a sign that the home has a foundation problem. Contact a business, such as Rita's Equipment Rental, for more information about equipment that could help you to repair your home.   


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