Want To Protect Your Construction Equipment Everywhere You Go? Three Portable Options That Work

Posted on: 6 April 2016

Moving construction trucks from work site to work site is a fairly common practice in your line of work. However, the equipment left out in the open is susceptible to theft, vandalism and bad weather, and that costs your company money to replace, clean, and fix. Instead, you could protect your equipment with some portable options like the ones listed below.

Open Aluminum Carports

Open aluminum carports are structures that have a wide aluminum canopy overhead and thick pole supports along the sides underneath. The sides are open to wind and weather, but the pole supports are often adjustable so you can fit construction trucks of almost any size underneath the canopy. When your work site is enclosed and secured, the open aluminum carports can be constructed on the property to keep your trucks reasonably dry when they are not in use.

Closed Aluminum Carports

Closed aluminum carports are similar to the open ones, except that they also have roll-down siding for quick and easy set-up, and you can add a "garage door" on the front that locks. Because they are so easy to set up and take down, you might want to invest in a few of these to use on job sites where your vehicles are going to be parked out in the open for a long time. It will help prevent vandalism and damage from severe weather, and if you invest a little extra for the locking door, then these structures prevent theft too.

Waterproof Anti-Theft and/or Anti-Vandalism Covers

Probably the cheapest option of these three here is the anti-theft and anti-vandalism equipment covers. These are very similar to the stretchy covers used to protect antique or collector's cars, except that these are made much larger and designed to fit over the awkward shapes of some construction trucks. The covers lock and tie to certain areas of the vehicle so that would-be vandals and thieves are discouraged from trying to remove the covers to damage or take the vehicle. The covers are also waterproof, so anything you use them for is protected against bad weather too. These are especially useful for any of your construction trucks that move from site to site on a daily or weekly basis and need to be left out in the open because the nature of the work does not permit the use or construction of a portable and/or adjustable aluminum carport.

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