Carving Unique Features Into Your Granite Countertops: What These Features Are And Why You Would Request Them

Posted on: 30 March 2016

Granite countertops are the most prestigious of countertop surfaces because they are very expensive, and most people consider them quite beautiful too. However, it is difficult to care for them in ways that do not cause them the slightest damage, and it only takes one slip of the knife or one scalding pan set directly on the granite to ruin it. To counteract these incidents from occurring, new features have been developed and designed which carve out special and unique features in your granite countertops. Here are some of those features and why you may want them.

The "Hot Pot Spot"

Setting a hot pan down on a granite counter would make any counter installation expert cringe. Even if you have only done this accidentally or to avoid burning a child who is tugging on your pants leg, it is something you want to avoid as much as possible. That is why the "hot pot spot" was created. It is more or less an area carved out of the granite countertop where it is safe to set your hot pan or pot, a sort of carved out and predesignated countertop trivet, if you will. By having your counter expert carve out this one area in the counter, you have someplace to put the pot/pan down in a hurry and not worry about how it will affect the rest of the counters.

The Raised Carving Surface

Even if you have always used a cutting board to cut up meats and vegetables and you have never used your bare countertops, you will still want to rethink this with granite. That is why some homeowners have a butcher block counter installed in the kitchen just for this very reason. This type of counter is made entirely of a very thick slab of hardwood, so it can take the abuse of cutting food and the occasional slip of the knife. Your granite stays safe, beautiful and scratch-free. A smaller cutting surface may also be installed within a frame of granite countertop close to your stove. These surfaces, regardless of which you choose, are always quite thick and/or rise above the surface of the surrounding granite just enough to avoid the point of a slipping knife.


Finally, some homeowners request personalization of their granite countertops. This can be done one of two ways; either an all-over lattice-style carving is made into the granite for pure decoration, or you can actually laser your family's initials, crest, etc. into the countertops. This makes your countertops very distinct, and items that are both valuable and very distinct are often left alone by thieves because nobody can sell it to someone else without it alerting the buyer or police that such items were for sale. 


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