4 Malfunctions To Look For In Your Double-paned Windows

Posted on: 11 March 2016

Double-paned windows play a vital role in the functioning of your home. Not only do they let in the light, but also they act as a kind of insulation for your house. This is why it is vital that you have good windows that fully function. If your windows are too old or malfunctioning, you could compromise the safety of your home and overpay on your energy bill. Here are some things to look for to tell if your windows are working properly.

Are There Bugs, Dirt or Debris Stuck In The Windows?

If you have double-paned windows you may start to notice that there begins to be things inside the windows. For example, a bug may creep into the window, you might wash your windows but they never look clean because there is dirt stuck on the inside, and so forth. These are signs that there are gaps in the window and so it is not only letting in dirt and debris, but it is also letting air pass through. If you notice this problem you need to consider replacing the window right away—it is no longer doing its job.

Can You Feel A Breeze When You Walk By The Window?

One sure sign that you have a problem is if you can actually hear or feel a breeze when you walk by the window. You might notice on a windy day that there is a slight wind coming through, or you can hear the wind very clearly when standing by the window. This indicates that there are large gaps in the window and the window needs to be replaced.

Does The Window Reflect The Outdoor Temperature?

The goal of a double-paned window is to keep the inside of the window reflecting the inside temperature and the outside window reflecting the outside. If you are standing inside your house on a cold day and your window is very cold to the touch, this is a problem. It means that there is no longer enough insulation around the window and that your house is letting in all the outdoor air.

Has The House Shifted?

If you have had shifting or settling in your house there is a good chance you need to replace your windows. The windows were installed at the perfect angle for the house when it was built. When the house shifts or settled the hole where the window belongs may shift and no longer fit the panel. If you have experienced this, call for a serviceman to take a look.

By noticing these simple things you can replace your windows before the problem becomes severe. For more information, contact companies like Fas Windows and Doors.


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