How To Turn Your Roll Off Dumpster Container Into An Art Gallery

Posted on: 17 February 2016

If you have purchased a roll off dumpster and don't need it anymore, you might not be sure how to deal with this container. It takes up a great deal of space. You can either try to sell it back to the company that sold it to you in the first place at a loss or you can try to reuse it yourself. One idea for going the latter route is to turn your container into an art gallery.

1. Wash it Out

In order to turn your dumpster container into a gallery, you will first need to clean it out entirely. Pressure wash the insides of the dumpster by renting a pressure washing unit or by hiring a professional team to wash it out for you. Mop up any excess water that might have accumulated on the ground of your container. Allow it to sit outside for a sunny day or two until all of the water is gone.

2. Set the Mood

Next, try to set up a mood in your container. Open up the side of the container where you were putting trash so that you have a door and replace the lid if you had removed it. If your container did not come with a lid, consider purchase a white canvas tarp that you can put over the top of your container to protect it from the rain and to make it seem more like a self-contained area.

Then, add some lighting. Go online to purchase battery-run lights that can be recharged by placing them in the sun. If you want to wire up your container for a more permanent gallery, you can do that later. This will at least give you the light you need to work in the container. Use clear tape or self-adhesive hooks to hang strings of tiny lights or see if you can find some battery operated chandeliers. Purchase carpet squares or squares of tile that you can install on the floor of your container to make it more pleasant to walk on. Finally, consider either installing wood paneling or painting the walls of the dumpster so that the walls look more appealing.

3. Get Art

Go onto local artists' forums in your area and see if anyone wants to hold a show in your gallery. Alternately, call up coffee shops that have art for sale on their walls. They will likely have a list of people whose art they are going to display. See if you can get this list and have preliminary shows in your mini-gallery. Coffee shops will be happy to make sure that the artists they highlight get more exposure before their works are displayed in the shop.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in dumpster rentals. They might be willing to lend you a container if you want to try this idea yourself and do not yet have a dumpster container.

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