Safety Signs: Advertise And Protect

Posted on: 27 January 2016

It is hard to advertise and warn of dangerous situations all at the same time. However, the right type of construction sign can do just that. It is no secret that construction sites can be a dangerous place to be around, and that many people each year are injured from being close to a construction zone. In order to reduce the number of injuries from construction sites a good sign is needed. A good sign can also be a great advertisement for a company. 


Most of the time when an individual sees a construction site, they stay away. However, there are people that are curious and want to check out the area. This is one reason that having a very visible sign is important. There is a reason that most construction signs are orange, and that reason is visibility. Another very good quality that construction signs have is descriptions. There are over 100 different types of construction signs that are available. Each different sign will alert the passerby of the type of danger that is involved with the site. There are laws that require construction signs be posted, but often companies do just the bare minimum. There is absolutely nothing wrong with posting signs often, and perhaps pedestrians will understand that the site represents a real danger. 


Putting up safety signs all around a job site is a great way to keep individuals at a safe distance, but also lets people see that the company is reputable. If a company cares enough about workplace safety it says a lot about the company itself. Often one of the best advertising techniques is to post a company sign right next to a warning sign. A passerby will know that the area is dangerous, and that the company is serious about safety. Advertising all while protecting both you and anyone passing the worksite. 

Durability Of Products

Most construction signs are made using high quality materials, and they last a very long time. Signs usually do not wear out, but the material holding the sign in place can often wear out. A stand or rope holding the sign to a fence can wear out. If this is the case and the sign falls, your construction site is no longer safe. Be sure to inspect each sign periodically to ensure that the sign is still visible. If an accident occurs because a sign is not visible your company could be looking at a long legal struggle.  


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