3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Store Front Doors

Posted on: 8 January 2016

You may be thinking about getting new doors for your business. But you may be wondering how this change will help your business. The following guide will give you a few reasons why you should considering upgrading your front doors.

1. Will Ensure Regulations Are Met

Installing new doors will make sure that your new entry doors are up to code. The following are just some of the things your commercial door specialist will make sure your place of business meets:

  • The entry doors will be 32 inches wide or wider. 
  • Make sure the clearance around each door is at least 36 inches and can open to a full 90 degrees.
  • Make sure your doors do not require extraneous movement to be opened. Your specialist will also make sure the door is easy to open or close and not too heavy.

There are several other regulations, such as making sure all handles are accessible to people who use wheelchairs. And there may be more regulations that are specific to your state or region. You can talk to your commercial door specialist about some of these regulations and how they will be met with his or her service.

 2. Get to Upgrade to Glass Doors

You should consider see-through glass doors for your business. See-through doors (as well as windows) is a good idea because it communicates some of the following to your customers:

  • Your business hides nothing or is transparent, which may make your business seem honest.
  • Glass doors may make it easier for you to advertise your services to possible patrons.
  • Another good thing about see-through doors is the security it grants you because you will able to see what is happening outside your place of business.

You can talk to your commercial door specialist to see if see-through doors is a good choice for your business. 

3. Can Enhance Curb Appeal

You are a business owner, and you know that uniformity makes it easier for your patrons to remember your business. The same thing goes with your business' building. Your doors should not look out of place. New commercial doors are usually outlined with different types of metals for security purposes. But, these metals can imitate different materials, which should make it easier to make sure your entry doors match the rest of your building. 

Talk to your commercial door specialist, such as Callahan Door and Window, about other ways you can make sure your new commercial entry doors are the right ones for your small business. 


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