Creating A Beautiful Landscaping In Your Yard? 2 Ways To Add Some Landscape Lighting

Posted on: 13 November 2015

If you are creating a beautiful landscaping in your yard, you should also add some landscape lighting to make everything look even more beautiful for you at night. Below are some tips on how you can light everything up so you and anyone visiting you can enjoy your yard at night.


If you have pathways that lead to your garden or your front door, you should install lighting so you and other people can safely use them. Use soft lights along the path. Spread the lighting out a little as you do not want them to be too close together. If you do put them too close together, your pathway will look more like a runway.

You can choose path lights that are solar models and LED, and they are available in many styles, such as posts, lamps, and lanterns. If you choose small fixtures, they come on a pedestal that you simply stick into the ground. If you choose tall fixtures, such as a lamp post, you will need to insert them into concrete to keep them in place.

If you do not want anything sticking up, you can use recessed lights that are pressed into the ground. Place them at intervals along the pathway.

Flower Garden

If you have a beautiful flower garden, you will need to showcase it. One of the best ways to do this is to use box lights. This type of fixture is rectangular, and placed on the ground. It is then directed to a certain area to illuminate it with an upward light. Generally, just a few box lights can illuminate large areas, such as a flower garden.

Spotlights also work well if you have a small garden. They are not like flood lights that spread lights out over a large area, but instead they wash over area, concentrating the light over the flower garden.

These are generally on a pole that is stuck in the ground. The pole needs to be tall enough so the light shines above the flower garden. You can direct the light anywhere you need it. Just make sure the bulbs create a soft light, but bright enough for people to see your flowers.

Visit a home improvement store to see the different types of bulbs available. IN many cases, they can let you actually turn the light on so you can see how bright it is. The employee there can also be very helpful in choosing the brightness levels.

Hire a landscaper to help you design your outdoor landscape lighting. You will also need to provide power to all your lights, and you should hire an electrician to do this work for you, especially if you are not experienced at working with wiring. It could be a fire hazard if everything is not hooked up correctly.

For more information on setting up lighting, visit electrician websites like


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