How To Keep Your Commercial Entry Doors Secure

Posted on: 11 October 2015

Commercial entry doors, especially the sliding type, are a little more difficult to secure than a single front door to an office or a business. Securing the doors can include any number of devices or methods. Here are a few that you can ask your contractor to install at the same time you have the doors installed or when you want to update and remodel the entryway of your business.

Locks And Door Blocks

Most commercial doors already come equipped with their little deadbolts at chest height. Unfortunately, it only takes a drill with a diamond bit to destroy the locking mechanism on these bolts and then the trespasser can force his or her way through the doors. Door blocks are a better option because thieves and trespassers cannot see them, reach them, open them or destroy them to get in. The only way to open a door block is to already be inside the business or store so that the block can be turned around and switched off. When used in conjunction with the locks, the door blocks double the level of security on your commercial doors.

Coded Keypad And Alarm Systems

If you really want to make your commercial sliding doors really secure, invest in a coded keypad entry and alarm system. Either your contractor or your security company can install the coded keypad in every vestibule your business or store has, and the security company can definitely install the alarm system for you too. Some alarm systems are directly tied into the coded keypad, so if you, your employees and/or your consumers cannot enter the code, the alarm will sound. If you would prefer to keep the alarm separate, you can set up your coded keypad(s) to only allow access to the inner rooms and spaces of your business. (This is a popular approach for childcare centers to keep kids safe and provide the code to parents and staff only.)

Badge Swipe Systems

The last security measure for your commercial entry doors that you may want to consider is a badge swipe system. Many sliding commercial doors can have the magnetic swipe bars installed into the doors at the factory level. The internal swipe bars disallow entry to anyone that does not have a badge that will deactivate the opening and sliding mechanisms. It would be nearly impossible to common thieves and trespassers to gain entry to your business since they would either have to steal a badge and use it or have enough high tech knowledge to manufacture a fake badge or something similar.

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