How To Cut Your Energy Costs To The Bone With Propane Heating

Posted on: 22 September 2015

The propane that you use to cook on the grill can also be used to power several other appliances in your home, including dryers, ovens, and stoves. The advantage of propane is that it tends to be comparatively less expensive than natural gas or gasoline, but there are additional was that you can lower the price of using propane fuel. This is ideal if you are struggling to keep your home heated with other types of fuel.

Take Care of the Basics

First, consider the basics. Make sure that you

  • Change your filters regularly

  • Purchase only EnergySTAR appliances

  • Run washing machines and dish washers with a full load

  • Use a thermostat timer

A thermostat timer can ensure that your appliances are not running at full blast when you are not even home.

Turn Off the Pilot Light

If you use propane to fuel your furnace, remember to turn the pilot light off completely during the summer. Some homeowners leave the pilot light on, which wastes propane unnecessarily. If you haven't switched to propane heating, consider doing so because you can reduce your energy costs by 68%.

Use Your Hot Water Heater Wisely

When you use propane for your water heater, you can use less propane by installing flow restricting shower heads. These reduce how much water is released from your shower heads, reducing how much water needs to be heated. Repair leaky faucets because they can release hot water that forces the hot water heater to regenerate more often. Lower the hot water heater as much as possible. Many are set by default at 120 degrees, but can be lowered to 115 degrees to reduce your propane usage. Also, don't forget to drain your hot water heater every six months.

Increase Air Circulation

Increasing air circulation can reduce how much you need to rely on powerful heating and air conditioning. Remove any objects that are blocking the vents and cut down on general clutter so that there is less obstructing the flow of air. Avoid using kitchen and bath ventilation fans except when necessary because they can counteract the work that your HVAC is doing.

Find a Budget Payment Plan

If you are still struggling to pay for your propane fuel, consider choosing a propane fuel company that allows for you to pay for your fuel through a budget plan. Propane budget plans let you spread the payment out across several months, making it more affordable. For more information, talk to a professional like Self Heating Cooling.


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