How To Clean And Protect Your Travertine Tile Floor

Posted on: 24 June 2015

Travertine tile floors make beautiful additions to your home. However, travertine stone is porous, so it must be protected and cleaned properly to remain looking its best. Here are a few suggestions to keep your travertine tile floor in great shape:

Don't Let Spills Stand

Travertine is especially sensitive to acid, so acidic liquids, such as soda, orange juice, or tomato sauce, can permanently etch or stain your tiles. Since you may not know the pH of every spilled liquid that comes in contact with your floor, it is best to never allow a spill to sit for a prolonged period. Quickly wiping up the stain with a damp cloth will help ensure that your tile color remains intact.

Seal Tiles

Due to the porosity of travertine, it quickly absorbs stains. A substance, such as grape juice, that produces stubborn stains, can rapidly ruin the look of an unsealed floor. If you are uncertain whether or not your tiles are sealed, verify with a tile specialist, and have a sealant applied if needed.

Sweep and Damp Mop

Since many cleaning agents can react with travertine stone, it is best to clean your tiles with a mop dampened by water or a tile cleaner specifically designed for travertine tiles. Although you will want to keep your tiles free of debris, it is best to avoid vacuuming your floor. If the bottom of the vacuum is exceptionally rough, it can cause dents and dings in the floor surface.

Use Rugs

Placing a mat or rug near your entryway can help prevent tile damage from abrasive materials or chemical elements that may be tracked in on your shoes. Since stains in travertine tile can be permanent if deeply absorbed, protecting the stone from contact with damaging elements is the best preventive measure.

Stain Removal

Regardless of how careful you are with your travertine tiles, stains will probably still occur. If a damp mop or cloth won't remove the stain, apply a paste of baking soda and travertine stone cleaner, and cover the stained area with plastic. Allow it to sit for a few days, and then remove the paste with warm water. Often, the absorbent baking soda will leech the stain from the stone.

Travertine tile floors can provide lasting beauty. However, improper tile cleaning and care can cause unsightly stains to damage the stone. To help ensure your travertine tiles retain their beauty, consult with a tile cleaning specialist today. Consult with a business like All American Stone & Tile Care Inc. if you're interested in having a professional cleaning done.


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