The Top Four Reasons You Should Call An Emergency Plumber

Posted on: 13 April 2015

There are many plumbing problems that have pretty simple solutions. However, there are going to be times when you need to call in an emergency plumber who can work at any given hour to help you resolve an issue before it becomes worse. Here are the top four reasons you should call an emergency plumber right away:

  1. A Busted Pipe: A busted pipe in your home calls for an emergency plumber. As soon as it has burst, you need to jump into action and call an emergency plumber right away to ensure that they can get there in time to prevent as much water damage, as possible. Be sure that during the time you are waiting for the plumber, you clear out the space to prevent as much water damage as possible. 
  2. A Clogged Drain: Of course, a clogged drain can be repaired on your own with a plunger, but if the clog is really bad, then a plunger isn't going to resolve the issue. It is at this point that you should call in the emergency plumber. This is especially important if the clog is overflowing and causing water to leak into your home. Once the plumber arrives, he or she will have the proper tools to remove what is causing the clog and ensure that the problem does not reoccur. 
  3. Frozen Pipes: Frozen pipes are a common problem in areas that have severe winters. You will know if you have any frozen pipes in your home because the water will stop running. You could try to unfreeze the pipes yourself with a hair dryer. However, the most effective way to ensure that frozen pipes are resolved is to hire an emergency plumber who will have proper tools to thaw the pipes as quickly as possible. Plus, the plumber will provide proper insulation to the pipes to prevent them from freezing in the future. 
  4. An Overflowing Toilet: An overflowing toilet is cause for concern because obviously, you don't want that water to reach other areas of the home and cause severe water damage. Save yourself time and prevent a huge mess by calling in an emergency plumber who will easily be able to diagnose the problem and fix it. If you attempt to fix the problem on your own, what happens more often than not is the damage becomes worse. 

By knowing the top four reasons to call an emergency plumber (such as one from Pipeworks Inc), you can be prepared in the case of a plumbing emergency and know what should and shouldn't be handled on your own. 


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