Beyond Aesthetic Appeal: Three More Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Roofs Color

Posted on: 31 March 2015

These days, you can have your roof in almost any color you like. Many people are excited at the prospect of choosing their roofs color, but you should be careful so that the excitement doesn't derail the process. Your main priority may be to get a color that you like and compliments your house's look, but there are other equally important considerations such as:


In your zeal to get the best color, do not forget that the paint still has to be of the highest quality possible. You need a paint that will last a long time without fading; otherwise, you might start with a black color only to have your roof turn grey after a couple of years or so. Apart from fading, low-quality paint may also start peeling off or deteriorating and allowing water to seep into the roof a few years after its application.

Prevent such premature deterioration by choosing paint treated with acrylic resin. The resin helps to bind the pigments together and also block ultraviolet radiation to slow down the aging process. Don't forget to apply relevant sealants to offer further protection for your paint.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that the color of your roof is one of the major determinants of your home energy efficiency? Think about that when you weigh that dark blue against the beige pigment. In general, light colors such as peach, beige, and light blue are good choices for those who live in sunny or hot climates.

The light colors will help to reflect heat off your roof and keep your house cool when it is hot. Only consider dark colors if you live in a cold climate. A dark shade will absorb heat to not only keep your house warm, but also melt ice and snow from your roof.


Your neighborhood association may have a say in your choice of roof colors, so check with them first. Associations make such rules to maintain standards and general appeal of the areas they represent. They may not dictate the exact color to put on your roof, but there are likely to be some general guidelines to follow.

Even if you don't have a neighborhood association, or yours doesn't have ordinances, you should still pay attention to the local trends.  A quick survey of the roofs in your area will give you a "fee" of the unwritten rules that you should follow. Your will be fine as long as your choice doesn't stand out too much.

When you have identified the paint shade you want, it might be a good idea to let your roofing contractor help you choose a high-quality brand. Don't forget the issue of warranty too. (For more information, contact Empire Roofing or another company)


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