How to Prepare Your Backyard for This Summer

Posted on: 18 March 2015

Doesn't it just seem like yesterday that you were enjoying the Christmas holidays? Now spring and summer are right around the corner and you may be wanting to get ready for backyard fun. If you want to combine both beauty and efficiency in your plans, here are a few steps to consider. Start by dividing the yard into different areas.

An Entertainment Area

If you enjoy having meals, both for your family and for invited guests, consider beautifying your patio area. Visualize an outdoor dining room, only using weatherproof furniture like rustic wood, wrought iron or wicker. Is your patio a large one? If so, besides an eating area, consider having a couple of small round tables for more intimate dining.  Another pretty look is to decorate the patio with pots of various sizes and designs and to have hanging baskets of flowers in strategic places. Outdoor fountains would be adorable, too.

A Concrete Play Area

Consider having a concrete area where your children can play ball, roller skate, play hopscotch and be artists as they decorate the concrete flooring with colorful sidewalk chalk. A great idea is to have weatherproof bins that hold games and to set up a small table for boardgames and working on puzzles. This would be a good place to keep a telescope so that the family can enjoy star gazing at night.

A Beautiful Lawn

Extend outdoor play by having a beautiful lawn where people can play croquet and horseshoes. Have bedding plants, and separate them from the grass with decorative concrete. To make your work lighter, install a sprinkler system.

  • Maintaining a gorgeous and a healthy lawn requires water, of course. Installing a sprinkler system will certainly save you time.
  • A sprinkler system conserves water, as it can be directed to the exact areas where it is needed. There won't be as much water runoff.
  • Installing a sprinkler system that includes timers will save you water, as your lawn can be watered in the early morning and late evening, when the sun won't cause high evaporation. This obviously is kinder to the environment and to your pocket book.
  • The cost of installing a sprinkler system depends on the amount of pipe and the number of sprinkler heads that are needed. 
  • Whether you do the job yourself, or have it done by professionals,  it will be very important to check for existing utility lines.
  • As time goes by, you may need to replace the timer, valve boxes, rotor heads, or spray heads. 

It must be a great feeling to be planning your backyard beautification early. Talk to a professional like Turfbuilders Irrigation Inc for more information.


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