4 Common Mistakes When Installing A Window Air Conditioner

Posted on: 9 February 2015

Window air conditioners make it possible to add cool air in a space where a whole system unit is either not possible or not in the budget. These air conditioners are quite effective at cooling a space and can be purchased in sizes small enough to cool just one room or large enough to keep almost the whole house comfortable. These units are designed to be simple to install, even if you have never had any experience with an HVAC system or its components.

However simple window air conditioners are to install, it is very easy to make a mistake during installation that could lead to a need for AC repair. Here are four mistakes you should avoid during installation.

1. Improperly Installing Mounting Brackets - Window units usually come with brackets that are designed to provide support to the air conditioner. These have to be anchored in a stud or stable fixture in the wall, not just the drywall or window frame itself. Otherwise, the air conditioner can pull away from the window and fall out.

2. Choosing a Window Too Far Away from an Outlet - The typical cord length of a window unit is only about four to six feet. Therefore, before you place the air conditioner in a specific window, make sure you have an outlet nearby. It is not safe to run an air conditioner for long periods of time using an extension cord.

3. Not Using Seals Around Slide-Out Enclosures - Small air units often boast slide-out expanders that are meant to fill the gaps between the unit and the the window frame. While this is good to keep the space blocked, these expanders will not be efficient without sealant around the outer edges. You can use a peel-and-stick weather strip for a tighter fit that will prevent cool air from leaking out.

4. Not Slightly Tilting the Unit Downward - Older window units were not great with funneling condensation from the air conditioner outside, and therefore, had to be slightly tilted during installation. Even if you buy a modern unit, you should still make sure it is sitting in the window at a slight angle, but for a different reason. Water from rain will pool on top of the unit and can make its way inside of the house or cause damage to the unit itself.

With the right installation and a little care, a good window AC unit can last your home for several years. Make sure you follow manufacturer's guidelines about installation and usage and do not hesitate to call an AC repair specialist such as Davis Repair Service if you are having issues with the unit after installation.


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