What Roof Coating Materials Are Available?

Posted on: 26 January 2015

Roof coating is a liquid membrane that is applied over a home's structure in order to protect the roof from the sun's harsh UV rays and damage from the elements. It is not used on all roofs, but highly recommended. The coating allows the roof to stretch and return to its original size without showing damage. Here are the different types of roof coating materials available.

Coating Materials With no Reinforcing Fabric

The first type of roof coating that you can get is actually not meant to protect your roof, but for aesthetic purposes. These materials do not use the reinforcing fabric you see with a lot of other roof coating materials. It is often done on a roof system that has already been installed, and is still a fairly new roof. It can improve the overall appearance of the roof, especially when applied over a roof membrane that isn't in the best condition. Otherwise, it might have some function value and help extend the life of the roof very slightly.

Standard Coating Materials

The basic type of roof coating material is called a standard reinforced coating system. This coating uses multiple layers of polyester fabric that is placed on top of a layer of cold-applied asphalt. This layer is on top of your existing roof. The asphalt emulsion is installed first, then left to cure. After that is done, the polyester fabric layer is applied to the top. This is very common in different areas of the world, but particularly on the west coast in the United States. It is not uncommon to see homes in California with a standard roofing material installed.

Acrylic Elastomeric Materials

For a cool roof, or one that lowers your energy bill by cooling off your home, you can choose the acrylic elastomeric materials. This is a type of roof coating that is excellent for function and reducing your energy consumption. It may not last as long as a brand new roof, but it can help convert your current roof into a cool roof. You will notice that after getting it installed, your home does not need the air conditioner on as much because the roof causes the UV rays to bounce off of it, instead of being absorbed into your home. Since the acrylic elastomeric materials don't last as long as other roof coating materials, expect to have it re-coated every few years.

Contact a local roofingcompany if you are interested in learning more about roof coating and having it installed over your current roof.


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