Tired Of Holding That Hose? 3 Eco-Friendly Garden-Watering Solutions

Posted on: 19 January 2015

After you first had your landscaping installed by a professional or planted a yard full of flowers yourself, you may not have minded watering your lawn and garden by hand in an attempt to conserve water. You may have even enjoyed it, as it gave you a chance to admire the beauty of your new yard as you watered. Even the most enthusiastic gardener grows tired of watering their landscaping by hand, but some worry that irrigation systems will use more water than necessary. Sprinkler systems do not waste water when used correctly, and there are even more ways than ever to make sure your lawn sprinklers use just enough water to keep your lawn and plants healthy. 

1. Smartphone Control

While a yard-irrigation system itself does not cause wasted water, leaving your sprinklers on longer than needed can lead to waste, just as over-watering by hand can. There have been lawn sprinkler systems with built-in timers available for years, but there is also a new solution that is even more high-tech. 

You can now link your lawn sprinkler system to a smartphone app that not only allows you to turn sprinklers on and off with the touch of a button, but also allows you to turn on only one section of your sprinkler system at a time. Out for a long day away from home on a surprisingly sunny day and wondering if that one patch of your garden that receives direct sunlight is looking parched? You can turn on just the sprinklers that hit that parched patch, even if you are far from home, then turn them off after you have given them a nice "drink". 

2. Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems offer a great way to conserve water while giving your plants the moisture they need. Instead of producing a spray-mist that covers all parts of your plants, drip irrigation systems drip water to where your plants need it most -- just at the roots. 

Drip irrigation works best on flowers and plants, as the targeted water delivery they provide is just too targeted to water a large lawn. However, you can add them to an existing lawn-sprinkler system, so you can water just plants and flowers when they need more moisture. 

3. Low-flow Sprinkler Heads

Low-flow sprinkler heads offer a solution to reduce the water used by your entire sprinkler system easily. If you have low-flow shower heads or faucets in your home, then you have already been using low-flow technology. You want aerating low-flow sprinkler heads that mix water coming out of the heads with air to keep water-pressure strong while reducing the amount of water used. 

Aerating low-flow sprinkler heads are perfect for watering your lawn while that just needs a light spray of water while a drip irrigation system is delivering more water to the roots of your plants and flowers. This combination is great for delivering a lot of moisture where it is needed and just a bit where less is needed.

Sprinkler systems do not have to use more water than hand-watering when used correctly. Many features even allow you to use less water than hand-watering does while helping your landscaping thrive. For more information on water-friendly sprinkler systems, talk to a company like Steeplechase.


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